b a r

Tinted with the progressive hues of Eno, Tortoise, and King Crimson, “b a r” finds its home at the crossroads where West African polyrhythms meet the minimalism of Steve Reich and Nik Bärtsch. But whatever comparisons may come to mind, this iteration of Green Isac’s music is as unique, innovative, and refreshing as ever. Modern and yet so perfectly timeless, Green Isac Orchestra’s “b a r” is a powerful statement from a finely-tuned ensemble firing on all cylinders.


Green Isac Orchestra

This album promises to be an engaging eclectic journey as it carries the listener deep into the heart of an exotic musical setting of shifting moods and regional hues, stylistically melding elements of mellow jazz, Steve Reich minimalism, and ambient atmospheres into a Fourth World fusion. The range of instruments used by Green Isac Orchestra is equally impressive: piano, mellotron, synthesizers, samplers, and electronic drums; ethno-acoustic beats from the djembe, tumbadora, shekere, ghatam; plaintive melodies from electric cello, Variax guitar, shahi baaja, kalimba, and Chinese hammered dulcimer – all masterfully crafted and interwoven into an authoritatively expressive presentation.





About Us

Green Isac Orchestra is a Norwegian instrumental band blending electronic and ethnic instruments alike into kinetic rhythms, sometimes electronically fueled, and often acoustically driven, with accents from processed guitars and quirky synths, setting it all in otherworldly landscapes with an air of mystery and intrigue.

Jo Wang: piano, therevox, mellotron, organ, synths
Andreas Eriksen: drums, percussion, programming and arpeggiations
Frode Larsen: percussion, mallets, grand cassa
Tov Ramstad: cello, electric cello
Morten Lund: electric guitar, lapsteel, electronics, baritone guitar, gizmotron

«One of the greatest progressive music acts in Scandinavia.»